Paisley with Leaf

Create a detached leaf in silk and metal thread techniques, and apply it to the ground embroidery, a silk and metal thread embroidery on Congress Cloth.

The leaf is stitched on a gold cotton ground fabric. The stitches include buttonhole over wire using Accentuate, #5 Japan gold, imitation, Super Size pearl purl, with chips of rough purl as the filling for the center. The Japanese metal is couched with Pearsall’s filoselle.

The ground embroidery is worked on black Congress cloth. Stitches include couching, outline, chipping, and applying gilt leather.

There are 3 sizes of peal purl used, rough purl, #5 Japan gold, a twist, Kreinik #8 braid, color # 002J, and silk couching thread.

The kit comes with all threads, assorted needles, congress cloth, cotton ground fabric for leaf, felt for padding, gilt kid, a bound instruction booklet with a color image.

Proficiency level: Intermediate to Advanced
Time: 2 days
Class Size: 22
Kit Cost: $85.00
Technique: Sild and Metal thread embroidery
Dimensions: 4.75 inches on an 8 inch square of Congress cloth

Paisley with Leaf