Tulip With Acanthus Leaves

Tulips have fascinated Westerners since their discovery. Their image are found in art, tapestries, and embroideries since that time. In this class, our goal is to create a fantastical, stylized tulip in rich gold metals and red silk on black congress cloth.

The stitches include diagonal satin stitch in purls, or nué, “chipping”, and couching of different metal threads using 6-stranded silk. The threads include a red silk floss, purls, Japan gold, check platte, pearl purl, rough and check purls, twists, gold, and silk couching thread.

The foundation is black congress cloth.

Proficiency level: Intermediate
Time: 2 days
Technique: Silk and metal thread embroiders
Kit Cost: $75.00

Motif: 5.25 x 5 inches

Tulip with AcanthusL