Golden Seed Pod

Join us in stitching this exquisite seed pod! Golden Seed Pod is a metal thread embroidery. Threads include smooth, gilt bright check purl, pearl purl super, #1 Japan gold, check thread, and #5 Japan gold thread, imitation to create this beautiful piece.

The ground fabric is Congress Cloth in black. Wool felt is used for padding the seed pod, and waxed cord forms the foundation of the stem. 4-way continental stitch is used to stitch the sepals.  You will be creating circles, making chips for the outer part of the pod, appliquéing stiffened gold metallic organza as the leaves' foundations.

Diagonal satin stitch forms the outer layer of the stem.

The kit will contain the materials needed to finish the piece. Also included will be needles and an illustrated instruction booklet.

Proficiency level: Intermediate
Time: 2-days (12 hours)
Kit Cost: $85.00

Motif: 5 inches wide X 7.5 inches high
Overall: 10 X 12 inches

Golden Seed Pod