Elizabeth’s Iris

Elizabeth’s Iris is adapted from a painting in Hardwick Hall of Elizabeth in a dress which represents the land, plants, creatures, and continents over which she held dominion. The dress was of silk with the figures painted on the silk. It is by an unknown artist. It was sent to Bess of Hardwick Hall as a gift.

Our adapted iris is worked on an off-white silk satin ground in modern threads. The threads include soie perlee, soie ovale, pearl purl (2 sizes), #6 rough purl, #5 Japan thread, gold silk couching thread, and small green spangles.

Stitches include outline/stem, satin, couching purl, attaching sequins with chips of rough purl, and needle painting the main section of the iris flower.

Proficiency level: Basic-Intermediate
Time: 2 days
Technique: Silk and Metal Thread
Kit Cost: $75.00

Motif: 7.75 H X 5.5 W
Overall: 9WX10H inches

Elizabeth's Iris