Lone Pine

The pine tree [matsu] is a much-revered symbol in Japanese culture. Our pine tree is a sampler of the basic stitches of Rozashi. The stitches are ichi dan and ni dan straight stitch, ni dan step stitch, irregular stitch [similar to long and short in our embroidery] and a step stitch as the background stitch.

The threads are traditional Rozashi silk threads with an accent of Rozashi gold thread on the branches. The ro comes attached to the frame ready for the student to begin stitching. The kit is complete with needle and nori for finishing after stitching.

The design is traditional to Rozashi.

Proficiency level: Beginner and Beyond
Technique: Rozashi: Japanese Needlepoint
Kit Cost: $90.00
Dimensions: 5.5 H X 5.5 W

Lone Pine

All kits include:

  • Frame
  • Mounting ro with drawing
  • All required threads
  • Rozashi needle
  • Complete instructions

Please note: Prices are subject to change based on the cost of silk and the US dollar/Yen conversion rates.

Rozashi tools including ro and silk.

Ro mounted on Rozashi frame