Baby Iris

Baby Iris is a beginning study in the Japanese needlework technique of Rozashi.  The ancient technique of Rozashi dates as far backto 700 AD in Japan.  It is stitched on Ro with a sharp needle. Rozashi is stitched in hand.

The stitches are all upright.  No stitches pierce the dan.  The dan is the 3 rows of tightly woven and interlocking  silk threads that form the heavy horizontal line in the weave.  The ro is highly sized.  Take care not to get a liquid on the piece, because it will pull away from the frame.  The ro is pasted to the frame with a Japanese sticking paste.

All the threads are silk, or metallic, or a combination of both.

Proficiency level: Beginner
Technique: Rozashi: Japanese Needlepoint
Time: 1/2 day (3 hours)
Kit Cost: $31.95

Baby Iris

All kits include:

  • Frame
  • Mounting ro with drawing
  • All required threads
  • Rozashi needle
  • Complete instructions

Please note: Prices are subject to change based on the cost of silk and the US dollar/Yen conversion rates.

Rozashi tools including ro and silk.

Ro mounted on Rozashi frame