All class kits include:

ˇ Frame

ˇ Mounted ro w/ drawing

ˇ All required threads

ˇ Rozashi needle

Complete instructions

Baby Iris

Baby Iris is a beginning study in the Japanese needlework technique of Rozashi.  The ancient technique of Rozashi dates as far back as 700 AD in Japan.  It is stitched on Ro with a sharp needle.  It is stitched in hand.  There is no need for frame holder, weight or other tool to hold the frame, you hold the frame in your hand.

The stitches are all upright.  No stitches pierce the dan.  The dan is the 3 rows of tightly woven and interlocking  silk threads that form the heavy horizontal line in the weave.  The ro is highly sized.  Take care not to get any water on it, because it will pull away from the frame.  The ro is pasted to the frame with nori; a Japanese sticking paste.

All the threads are silk, or metallic, or a combination of both.

Proficiency level:   Beginner

Class time:                1/2 day - 3 hours

Kit cost:                      $31.95


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