All class kits include:

ˇ Frame

ˇ Mounted ro w/ drawing

ˇ All required threads

ˇ Rozashi needle

Complete instructions



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Serenity is a study of Japanese iris at the edge of a pool.  The gently flowing of the water is created by the silver metallic stitches indicating the gentle flow.  The arrangement of the iris is reminiscent of an ikebana arrangement.


The main flower is worked in dark and medium purple silk while the upper right flower is  side view worked basically in medium and light purples.  There is an unopen bud at the top of the cluster.


The leaves are in three shades of green.  The water is a blue green and the background is a very light green.


The threads are silks and metallics created for the Ro.  All stitches are traditional to Rozashi.


The kit comes complete with all threads, ro attached to the frame, a Japanese needle, nori sticking paste and an illustrated instruction booklet.


Class time:                2 days

Proficiency level:   All

Kit Cost:                     $75.00


             Design:          5.5 inches W X 5.5 inches high

             Overall:         8.125 inches Wide X 8.125 High