Silk and Metal Thread Kits

Currently there are seven Silk and Metal Thread kits offered.  More will be added to this list shortly

This is a study in the use of silk and metal threads on congress cloth.   Techniques include couching, slanting gobelin, laidwork, and a Kogin darning pattern for the background. The piece is worked on a 10 inch by 10 inch piece white congress cloth.

The basket is reminiscent of baskets of flowers that one might find in an appliquéd quilt of long ago. It is filled with simply shaped flowers and grasses, using simple stitches. The flowers are made of seed beads, pearl, rough and check purl cut to fit.

A beginning silk and metal thread embroidery;  designed for the student who is interested in silk and metal embroidery, but not acquainted with the techniques. The techniques are simple but yield a striking effec

Petite Arabesque is a small project in the Arabesque series.  Techniques in this exercise are the most basic techniques of couching metal threads, satin stitch using both silk and a metal twist, laidwork and the outline stitch using metal threads. Measures 4.75" x 3.75"

Create a detached leaf in silk and metal thread techniques, and apply it to the ground embroidery,  a silk and metal thread embroidery on Congress Cloth.

The leaf is stitched on a gold cotton ground fabric

Butterfly in Metals is a study in the basics of metal thread embroidery.  The butterfly is stitched on silk satin, worked in pearl purls, and other threads. Reeled silk is used in the diagonal satin stitching and twisting into pearl purl.

Create a beautiful work in gold. Hearts and Circle is a study in applying metals to canvas. Some are padded, and some are worked directly onto the Congress cloth.