Text Box: Rozashi Classes

Additional classes in the Rozashi technique.  To see the details, click on the class title or picture for the class you'd like to see. (NOTE: With silk cost rising rapidly and the Dollar weak against the Yen, kit costs will continue to rise.)

All kits include:

· Frame

· Mounted ro w/ drawing

· All required threads

· Rozashi needle

Complete instructions

Create this lovely Rose Roundel worked in Rozashi.  The rose is worked in Rozashi  silk threads.  The stitches are the irregular stitch, line stitch, ichi dan straight, and ni dan step stitch. The finished piece can be inserted into the red pouch, or the Rondel can be made into a button/pin. The silk and metallic threads are designed especially for the ro.

Our Ginger Jar is decorated with Wisteria (fuji). Wisteria originally grew wild in the mountains of japan. Growing in the wild it winds itself around trees.  Domesticated it grown on trellis and is easily contained. When it blooms it form cascades of beautiful purple flowers.  If you travel through the South of our country, in the springtime, where Wisteria was planted in what is now abandoned home places, the Wisteria will cover an extensive area of trees.  It is a beautiful sight to behold.

Insert your initials into the Lee™ Zip Pouch making it very special for you. Surrounding the one-inch circle for your initials are Rozashi patterns worked in gold and silver metallic. They form a wonderful background for your initial circle. 


Serenity is a study of Japanese iris at the edge of a pool.  The gently flowing of the water is created by the silver metallic stitches indicating the gentle flow.  The arrangement of the iris is reminiscent of an ikebana arrangement. The main flower is worked in dark and medium purple silk while the upper right flower is  side view worked basically in medium and light purples