Silk and Metal Thread Kits

Basket of Gold

Create with us this lovely little Basket of Gold. The basket is reminiscent of baskets of flowers that one might find in an appliquéd quilt of long ago. It is filled with simply shaped flowers and grasses, using simple stitches. The body of the basket is worked in basket stitch filling using #8 braid, gold twist and Pearsall’s filoselle silk. The rim, bottom and handle are worked in metallic twists. The flowers are made of seed beads, pearl, rough and check purl cut to fit.

Stitches include, basket stitch filling, detached chain, outline, feather, straight stitches, couching techniques, attaching beads and spangles.

 Technique:                           Silk and Metal Thread Embroidery

 Proficiency:                         Beginner to Intermediate

 Kit Fee:                                   $80.00

 Design area:                        5.5 inches high X 7.5 inches wide

 Overall area:                        10 inches high X 12 inches wide