Silk and Metal Thread Kits

Petite Arabesque

   Petite Arabesque is very small part of a complicated 4-day class called "Arabesque".

    Techniques in this exercise are the most basic techniques of couching metal threads, satin stitch using both silk and a metal twist, laidwork and the outline stitch using metal threads.

   The threads included in the course are flat silk, rough purl (2 sizes), pearl purl (2 sizes), #1 Japan gold, two metal twists, and beads (2 sizes).

    The kit also includes a silk satin, muslin as a backing material, needles, tissue tape, silk thread, lacing thread and assorted needles.

Finished piece is approx.:          4.75 inches x 3.75 inches

Class Time:                                        One Day

Proficiency level:                            Beginner

Technique:                                         Silk and Metal Thread

Kit Cost:                                               $30.00