New Silk and Metal Classes

Spider Lily

Course Description


Join us in  working this exotic lily in metal threads.  Relatively new to market are  #5 Japan metal threads in colors of magenta, green and other assorted  colors.  They are highlighted in this piece of embroidery.


These threads add a new dimension to metal thread embroidery.


The new colored Japan threads are accompanied in this embroidery piece with check purl, #5 Japan gold, imitation, and pearl purl.


The stitches used to create this piece are couching, diagonal satin, and chipping.


The student will learn the brick pattern couching, diagonal satin stitch using check purl, chipping, and attaching pearl purl.


Proficiency Level:          Basic/intermediate

Time:                                 2 days (12 hours)

Kit Cost:                 $80.00