Text Box: Newly Offered Rozashi Classes

These are new classes being offered for the first time.† They will not be available until November of 2019. To see the details, click on the class title or the picture for the class you'd like to see.

All class kits include:


 Mounted ro w/ drawing

 All required threads

 Rozashi needle

Complete instructions


In Japan the chrysanthemum is most revered.† It symbolizes beauty and elegance. The Japanese interest in the mum expanded to poetry, as the flower gained the honor of being one of the symbols of autumn.† It also became a symbol of the Japanese imperial family.† The flower is also used in commonersí family crests. Our floating Mums create a beautiful design.†



This small piece is a† study in the basics of Rozashi.† The student will be shown how to handle the threads, pinging and threading, and the use of the metallic threads. Students will learn Rozashi basics.

Our Blue Bird is worked in traditional Rozashi.† The bird is worked in 2 shades of blue Rozashi silk and a new very dark blue metallic to outline the feathers of the wing and the bird's eye.† The bird's feet are worked in a special urushi thread.

Sampler in Purple is a piece designed for beginners. It is a study in traditional Japanese Patterns. The colors are shades of purple, light reds, green and pale green urushi thread.† The finished piece is suitable for a small box top, an insert into a larger or a small hanging. The stitches are traditional to Rozashi.