Silk and Metal Thread Kits

Aubergine Butterfly

Aubergine Butterfly is beginning silk and metal thread embroidery. This course is designed to give the student who is interested in silk and metal thread embroidery, but not acquainted with the beginning techniques. The techniques are simple but give a striking effect when completed.

Stitches are straight, padded satin, couching techniques using various purls, Japan metal, check thread and attaching beads and chips of purl.

The foundation material is silk satin. Threads used in the piece are pearl, check, and rough purl, check thread, #1 Japan gold-imitation and #5, silk couching thread, spangles, and beads.

  Technique:    Silk and Metal Thread Embroidery on Congress Cloth

 Class Size:      22

 Proficiency:   Basic

 Kit Fee:            $45.00