Silk and Metal Classes

Flower on Black

I love to embroider flowers that are composites of several flowers.  The flower in this study has its origins in the textiles of centuries past.  Many examples from the past are fantastical in shape and design.  Working on black Congress cloth using brilliant colors and gold metallics is a great exercise using silk and metal threads.


The pollen is worked using small brilliant green spangles. The bud section is worked in basketweave and diagonal satin stitch in Trebizond silk. Wire purl in color “grass shoots” chips is used to create the outer petals. The lower leaves’ veins and the outer edge are outlined with gilt pearl purl, super. The circular stem is worked in 3-ply gold twist and #5 check thread.  The leaves along the stem are worked in Trebizond   silk. The base is worked in basketweave and chipping. The bottom section is worked in Rough purl chips with green veins.


The stitches include couching, basketweave,diagonal mosaic, couching, chipping,. satin, attaching spangles, and tent stitch. The kit contains all materials necessary to finish the piece.

           Class time:                                    2 days

           Proficiency level:                         Intermediate

           Kit cost:                                         $70.00

           Design size:                                4.75 H X 3.5 W inches

           Overall design:                            8 X 8 inches