Silk and Metal Classes

Trefoil and Seeds

Trefoil is a study in metal thread work.  The Trefoil is worked in #5 Japan thread couched with silk couching thread in brick pattern couching.  The five seeds are dimensional padded with gold felt and stitched in rough and smooth purls.  The stem and the outlines around the 5 seeds are done in two (2) sizes of pearl purl. Background is an optional darning pattern.


Techniques in the piece are Brick pattern couching,  padding, satin stitch,  and chipping.


The kit contains #5 Japan thread, smooth and rough purl, super and fine pearl purl, congress cloth, silk couching thread, assorted needles, and instruction booklet.


Proficiency level:  Beginner

Time:                                 2 days (12 hours)

Kit Cost                   $75.00


           Motif:                     Approx: 3 X 3 inches

Overall:                  10 X 10