New Silk and Metal Classes

Lotus and Water Hyacinth

The lotus is an Asian water plant.  It is known for its delicate beauty. It flourishes in an environment ranging from clear ponds to muddy marshes. In the symbolism of Asia, it serves as an important spiritual symbol in Eastern religions. It represents purity, and divine wisdom. Poet’s from the East use the flower to represent close unbreakable relationships.  The water hyancith is a beautiful companion flower that loves the same environment as the lotus.

Create this beautiful lotus flower. Lotus and Water Hyacinth is a study of silk and metal techniques. You will be shading the flower with five shades of crimson. Behind the beautiful lotus is a water hyacinth worked in silk knots The silk embroidery sections are worked in satin stitch, long and short stitch and outline/stem stitch. The metal threads create the undulating lines forming water ripples. The couching techniques include:  #5 Japan silver with silk couching thread. The instruction booklet features clear graphs and color images. The kit comes complete with all threads, congress cloth, assorted needles, and an illustrated instruction booklet.

For the student’s success, it is helpful if basic knowledge including the use of silk threads, and to know the stitches listed above.

The design was inspired by my Chinese porcelain garden stools.


Proficiency level:                       Basic/Intermediate

Class time:                        2 day (12 hours)

Kit cost:                             $80.00

Design area:                                6“ x 6”

Overall size:                                10” x 10”

Class limit:                        22