New Silk and Metal Classes

Butterfly in Purls

Butterfly in Purls is a study in metal thread on Congress Cloth.

The butterfly is outlined in pearl purls, some areas are filled with chipping using the soft metal purls in both silver and gold metals. Others areas are filled with canvas work stitches.


The metals include check, smooth, wire check, and rough. Pearl purl in two sizes are used in the outline and antenna.  Spangles are attached with black check wire purl.  Couching threads to match the purls are included.


Techniques include couching, chipping, basketweave, diagonal mosaic, 4-way continental, attaching spangles with purls. Background will be a darning pattern.


The kit includes all threads and metals, needles, an instruction booklet with color images.


Proficiency level:   Intermediate

Time:                        2 days (12 hours)

Kit Cost:                  $80.00


           Motif:             4. 75 H X 4.25 W

           Overall:        8 X 8 inches