Silk and Metal Thread Kits


The word arabesque makes one think of exotic places and things. Arabesque brings to mind the Spanish patterns with the undulating curves and beautiful leaves found in tiles, iron work and the embroidery. Arabesque is a study in silk and metal thread embroidery. The twisting, sinuous acanthus leaves are favorite motifs in the Mediterranean area. The fantastical acanthus leaves in Arabesque encase open laid fillings that are reminiscent of Spanish metal work found in gates, window grilles and reredoes in their cathedrals. These designs can be found today in architecture, ironwork and tiles. Come join us and explore the study of gold work.

Threads used in this piece include; #1 and #4 imitation Japanese metal, imitation gold twist, #8 Balger braid, two (2) sizes of pearl purl, two (2) sizes of rough purl, paillettes, gold cold, crinkle and beads. A off-white satin faced silk is the foundation material.

Stitches used in the piece are couching, outline, satin padding with card, padding with thread and padding using the split stitch outline. Open laid techniques, attaching bullions, beads and pearl purl to fabric.

Technique: Silk and metal thread embroidery

Proficiency: Intermediate

Kit Fee: $75.00

Design area: 8.25 inches high X 7.25 inches wide