Newly Offered Silk and Metal Thread Classes

These are new classes being offered for the first time.  Some will not be available until April of 2017. To see the details, click on the class title or the picture for the class you'd like to see.

Trefoil is a study in metal thread work.  The Trefoil is worked in #5 Japan thread couched with silk couching thread in brick pattern couching.  The five seeds are dimensional padded with gold felt and stitched in rough and smooth purls. 

Create this beautiful stylized thistle.  It is a study in metal thread embroidery.  The flower is highly stylized.  Let your imagination play while you embroider this beautiful flower.

The ground fabric is black congress cloth.  The threads are Japan metal-imitation, gold purls #6, check wire purl #5, soie d’alger.