All kits include:


 Mounted ro w/ drawing

 All required threads

 Rozashi needle

Complete instructions

Morning Glory


The morning glory was imported to Japan and became an important medicinal herb about one thousand years ago.  It is interpreted in many art forms in Japan.

 Morning Glory for our study will be worked in traditional Rozashi threads in colors of green and purple silks on a white silk background.  Accents are created with Rozashi gold metal thread.  The silk scrim/canvas is the traditional ro for Rozashi. 

 Stitches include line stitch, satin stitch, one-dan straight stitch, irregular stitch that resembles long and short, two-dan step stitch and three-dan step stitch as background.

 Technique:  Rozashi:  Japanese Needlepoint

 Proficiency level:  Beginner and Beyond

 Kit Cost:  $80.00
 Size:  5 x 7 inches

Fees are subject to change as the value of the yen fluctuates

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