All  kits include:

· Frame

· Mounted ro w/ drawing

· All required threads

· Rozashi needle

Complete instructions

Hydrangea Fan


Text Box: Rozashi Classes

The beautifully elegantly shaped Rozashi piece is a study in muted colors and traditional Rozashi stitches.  It is worked in the stitches of Rozashi on the silk schrim especially created for this technique.  The lovely pale colors of blue and lilac Rozashi silks create the small flowers that make the flower head.  Greens and gold metallic complete the leaves and flower.  The fan shape’s background is a pale blue.  Its rim is worked in gold metallic. The remaining background is a warm off-white silk. 

Stitches include ichi dan straight and line stitch variation, ni dan step, the irregular, satin and san dan step.

The kit will include ro attached to frame, design drawn on ro, all threads to complete the design, needle, sticking paste, instruction booklet with color image.

Join us in the creation of this lovely fan. 


Class time:                            Two (2) days

Proficiency level:               All

Kit Cost:                                  $103.00US

Class Size:                              24

Size:                                           8 inches X 8 inches