All class kits include:


 Mounted ro w/ drawing

 All required threads

 Rozashi needle

Complete instructions

House Sampler


Text Box: Rozashi Classes

House Sampler is a study in Japanese patterns. Patterns in this sampler are from the ancient patterns used from the earliest days of Rozashi in Japan. Patterns such as the ones used in this sampler are integral to the overall work. Their origins are found in nature and everyday life. This stylized tortoise shell pattern, the pattern representing water, one that is fish scales, thatch, a basket weave form the front of the house, and a diamond pattern are important parts of the sampler. All patterns are stylized. These patterns of Japan have been used in Rozashi since 700 AD.

The stitches are ichi dan, ni dan, ni dan step, satin, and line. The colors used are representational of early colors used in porcelain and art the cobalt blue and iron red color families

The kit comes complete with all threads, ro attached to frame, sticking paste, needle, and instruction booklet with a color image.


Class time: Two (2) days

Technique: Rozashi

Proficiency level: All levels

Kit Cost: $80.00

Class size: 26