Silk and Metal Classes

Exotic Flower


The flower for this study has its origins in the florals of the tapestries and embroideries of the Renaissance. Its shapes are incorporated from different motifs. Part of it is similar to an artichoke, a newly opening bud, a floppy cottage rose, and elements from architecture truly a fantastical and exotic flower.


The threads and metals are gold wire thread, wire purls, pearl purls, check purls, and couching threads. The canvas is congress cloth.  The stitches are outline/stem, couching, chipping, satin - diagonal and vertical. Learn to shade using the wire purl chips. Create outlines using 371 gold wire. Expand your horizons in this exotic metal thread embroidery.


The kit contains all materials necessary to finish the piece.


Class time:                        2 days

Proficiency level:             Intermediate

Kit cost:                             $80.00 approx

Design size:                      4.75 H X 3 W inches

Overall design:                8 X 8 inches