Silk and Metal Thread Kits

Pavo in Silver

Pavo in Latin means peacock.  Our beautiful Pavo is stitched in silver and turquoise metal threads on a deep pink silk background.  The threads used in the piece are #1 and #4 Japan imitation silver, antique silver twist #14 and #18, #5 crinkle, #5 passing thread, a new thread called Prism™, and the metallic thread labeled On the Surface ™in turquoise, plus pale pink and silver check purl and pearl purl.  Silk threads used in this piece are Eterna™turquoise and dark pink, and a silk couching thread.

   Techniques used in the piece are padded satin stitch, diagonal satin stitch, French knot, outline stitch using check purl, couching techniques, creating a twisted thread from one of the metallic threads, attaching chips of check purl to the foundation silk to form small flowers on the tree limb.

Proficiency level:               Beginner/Intermediate

Technique:                            Metal Thread Embroidery

Kit Cost:                                  $50.00

Measures:                               5.25 wide by 6 inches high.