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Silk and Metal Thread. The basics in Silk and Metal thread tradition.  Covers history, threads of today and yesterday. Time—1 hour

Silk—from legend to Today. PowerPoint and pieces, which include kimono, Chinese robes and other assorted pieces from my personal collection to illustrate the talk. Participants are encouraged to bring show and tell pieces. Time—1 hour.

Color.  A brief history of color with PowerPoint, and other visual images. A hands-on part is fun for all. Time—1 to 3 hours with the hands-on.

Buttons, Buttons... A brief history of buttons and their uses, (PowerPoint). The lecture ends with a hands-on project. All will make a silk ribbon decorated button.  Kit cost:  $5.oo to 15.00. Time—1 hour plus time to make buttons.

Japanese Embroidery. A PowerPoint presentation on Japanese Embroidery based on the traditions of Kurenai Kai. Time—1 hour

Metal Thread and its History. This lecture defines metal threads from #1 Japan metal thread to the western style broad plate and purls. We will trace the history and the evolution of metal thread from very early times. I will bring samples of different techniques that uses metal threads as embellishment. There is also a PowerPoint presentation. Time—1 hour.

Rozashi. We will trace the history of this form of Japanese Embroidery. Rozashi history begins in very early times in Japan and has survived through the ages. It looks like Florentine/Bargello. All stitches are upright; all threads are silk or a combination with other fibers/metals and silk. We will explore its history into the 20th and 21st century. Time—1 hour.

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