Silk and Metal Kits

Golden Scarab

In science scarabs are a family of stout-bodied insects known as Scarabaeidae. They have served in history as a talisman in Egypt, to ornaments in other cultures and as a symbol of the resurrection in others. Our Scarab is worked on a foundation of congress cloth, covered with an iridescent Mokuba blue organdy ribbon. The scarab’s is created in traditional raised work using wool felt as the foundation. The elytra are worked on a muslin foundation with gilt kid over wool felt, then attached to the body. The legs are floral wire covered with buttonhole stitch using #1 Japan gold.

The background is a combination of borders of traditional canvas stitches that are diagonal mosaic and a couching technique with tent. Stitches include satin stitch, appliqué, back stitch, buttonhole, couching techniques, attaching purl, diagonal mosaic, Scotch stitch variations, Rhodes, Milanese, attaching beads and slanted Gobelin.

Materials include: Pearsall’s filoselle,3 colors, Delica beads, rough and pearl purl, #1 Japan metallic-gold, #8 Kerinik Braid, gold twist, check thread, gilt leather, felt padding, muslin and congress cloth.

 Technique:        Silk and Metal Thread Embroidery and Raised Work

Proficiency:        Intermediate

 Kit Fee:                 $80.00

 Design area:      6.25 inches high X 6.5 inches wide